March 3, 2021

What was Bigelow’s “Center for Advanced Cognitive Science.”

 Elaine Douglass

Earlier today, I was looking through a 700+ page PDF of documents originating with the late U.S. researcher, Elaine Douglass.  One of the sets of documents in her papers was a list of companies registered by Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow. While I was familiar with almost all of his non-budget suite businesses; such as the Bigelow Foundation; Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS); and the Mt. Wilson Ranch; there was one name I hadn’t come across before, namely, the “Center for Advanced Cognitive Science, LLC.” Now, cognitive science is “the interdisciplinary scientific method of the mind and intelligence.”

Official Nevada records

I therefore went to the Nevada Secretary of State website and looked up business entity information.  The following are snapshots of what I found.

The Center for Advanced Cognitive Science LLC, was registered in Nevada on 14 May 2009. The business is listed as “Domestic-Limited-Liability-Company.” The current operating status is “revoked.” The commercial agent who registered it was Rickie L. Golightly, the same agent who has registered all of Bigelow’s companies since the 1980’s. Subsequent papers were lodged, up until 29 May 2013, with nothing shown beyond that date.

Under “Officer Information” where you normally expect to see the names of individuals behind the company,  appears “Mortgage Menu Realty, LLC.” Mortgage Menu Realty was registered 14 January 2009; has officer information of “Mortgage Menu Service Corp”, registered 9 April 1982, which lists Robert T Bigelow as “President” of that Corporation. Meaning the Center for Advanced Cognitive Science LLC was a Bigelow company.

As with many of the non-budget suite Bigelow business companies, there is nothing else shown on the Nevada State documents which tells us what the Center did.

What was going on in May 2009 to cause Robert Bigelow to register such a company?

BAASS was registered in January 2008, and later that year, was successful in winning the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) contract for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program (AAWSAP.) By May 2009, many of the employees to be hired by BAASS, had been engaged, and were busy at work. 

Now, one of the 11 aspects of the DIA AAWSAP contract was to study what was referred to as the “human interface.” In fact, one of the 38 DIA Defense Reference Documents (DIRDs) commissioned by BAASS employee Hal Puthoff, was titled “Cognitive limits on simultaneous control of multiple unmanned spacecraft” written by Dr. R. Genik of Wayne State University.

In addition, if we go back to September 2008, and the time of the commencement of BAASS’ work on AAWSAP, and taker a look at what jobs were being offered at BAASS, we find:

“Several positions are also available for research scientists in the disciplines of: Biological Cognitive Interaction, Psychology, Social Psychology; Sociology.”

Further research 

Is there anything about the Center to be found on the Internet? A search for “Center for Advanced Cognitive Science” only leads us back to the Nevada business entity.

A search for “Center for Advanced Cognitive Science” + “University of Nevada” located a 1993 paper titled “Environmental Modulation And Statistical Equilibrium in Mind-Matter Interaction,” by Dean I Radin, cited as from the Center for Advanced Cognitive Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Central Intelligence Agency commissioned a 1994 report titled “Phenomenological Research and Analysis” Radin is mentioned in the report as at the Center for Advanced Cognitive Science, University of Nevada.

Radin worked for the Bigelow Foundation between 1993-1996; and between 1993 and 1997 he was Director Consciousness Research Division of the Harry Reid Center  for Environmental Studies at University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

If there was a Center for Advanced Cognitive Science at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, around 1993, why was Robert Bigelow registering a company with he same name in 2009? For what purpose was this company created? Did it have a relationship with BAASS?