April 12, 2021

We are running out of time, so why aren’t we listening?

“We are splinters of God.”

That was the phrase that would come crashing into my mind 17 years ago on an average weekday morning as I toweled off and started to dress before hitting the clogged California highways for another day at work. We all have little bursts of inspiration now and again, in the shower seems to be one of our favorite places for enlightenment, perhaps that cascading water and foamy bubbles are massaging the neurons into a flow state of wisdom.

That particular epiphany was an ‘unlocking moment’ for me. For the first time in my life I was willing to consider the idea of a greater force being the root of all creation. I’d always considered myself agnostic, never comfortable with the rules and regulations of Western monotheistic religions. Structured theology seemed too demanding, too controlling for me, the idea of a God figure wasn’t something I was ever able to come to terms with. So why would I suddenly come to such a stark, definitive conclusion while pulling on my socks? To this day I have no idea.

For the next 15 years I would go about my life, cautiously dipping my toe into books by Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hanh and various other authors who try and help Western minds absorb the principles of Eastern teachings. Sprinkle in a splash of Robert Pirsig, John Gribbin and Brian Greene and you have your Quantum-Buddhism starter kit for newbies. Little did I know that I was on a foundation course for UFOlogy.

Fast forward to 2019, I like many, was fascinated by the media splash around the Tic-Tac videos and guests like Bob Lazar and David Fravor appearing on the Joe Rogan pod cast. I’d always been a sci-fi geek, so stories of recovered space ships, reverse engineering and flying candy out-performing fighter jets was too intriguing to overlook, so I dived in feet first (how young and naïve I was way back then).

Me on my first day of diving into UFOlogy

Four months later I would find myself sitting in a hotel lobby in San Francisco talking for a few hours with Christopher Bledsoe Sr. and having my entire world turned upside down. This isn’t what I signed up for! I came for the spaceships and Greys, yet here again, like that soggy post-shower morning, I was being presented with information I couldn’t turn away from. It was uncomfortable, confusing and at times quite frightening to hear what Chris had been through, but more importantly what he had been told.

End-of-the-world scenarios seem to be one of mankind’s favorite archetypes to recount over and over again. It seems to be built into our genes to tell endless tales of the destruction of our species. Sometimes it’s giant rocks from outer space, solar flares and then there’s always the vengeful God or good old Aliens with their heat rays and towering tripod walking machines. UFOlogy itself has had it’s fair share of cults built around doomsday prophecies. The tragic events surrounding the Heaven’s Gate cult took place only 20 miles from my house here in Southern California.

Lessons from history show us that over-zealous interpretations of ancient texts and messages from profits can work out pretty badly, so it’s not surprising that many people turn off when experiencers share similar messages received during contact events. We have lives to live, jobs to hold down, bills to pay and kids to get to school, we can’t afford to spend our time worrying about things that may not ever happen – so we don’t.

Here-in lies one of the most perplexing issues in the UFO field.

Anyone who has spent some time studying the history of UFO abductee and contactee experiences will quickly notice a pattern and common message that gets communicated to the humans involved – yep they tend to be apocalyptic. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the children of the Ariel School in Zimbabwe, a housewife from Orange County or a humble house builder from North Carolina the messages have a continuity that is hard to ignore.

Humans need to change their ways, they are doing too much damage due to an obsession with technology and a lack of spiritual evolution. They have forgotten who they are.

Every Alien Ever

It’s a message that rings over and over again, and is now emerging from a new contactee that has decided to break her silence and come forward with her story. For the first time, a top government defense and intelligence specialist, going by the name of Anjali, is stepping forward and sharing a remarkable story of her ongoing contact with multiple entities that continue to relay a familiar message. You can listen to Anjali’s story in a recent interview she did with Roderick Martin using the embedded podcast players below.

While Anjali’s story itself is bizarre and remarkable, the most important part of it is her message, and although it has it’s own individual aspects, it’s a message we have heard time and time again – “WAKE UP, YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”

The warnings given to Anjali align with many recent accounts shared with me from multiple sources. I spent over 5 months of late 2020/2021 talking privately with a brilliant man who chooses to mostly keep to himself. He shared a very similar message with me – we are doing too much damage, we are out of time, the others are coming and they will be making some big changes to the way things go down on planet Earth. To prepare for this arrival, we need to focus on remembering our connection to all life, understanding that we all spring from the same root source, that we were never separate and we need to rediscover the true importance of love and the connectedness to all life and the fundamental nature of existence.

A dear friend of mine, Chris Bledsoe Sr. also shares a very similar message having spent the last 14 years of his life having multiple contacts with a messenger he refers to as ‘The Lady’. Again the Lady emphasizes the importance of remembering that we are not the meat-sack avatars that we pilot around the illusion of daily life. We are beings of pure light and amazing power that need to remember that love is all we need. (Paul, Ringo George and John also told us something similar too).

Chris also warns us that we are running out of time, and that by approximately 2025/26 that time will be up, a date that has come up more times than I can recall during my conversations with many contactees.

Emily Trim and Lisil Field were young girls attending the small Ariel school in the rural town of Ruwa, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe when they were part of one of the most profound contact events ever recorded. Emily came within an arms length of two entities that put images and a ‘download’ of information directly into her mind. Yet again these were warnings and concerns that the human species was using technology in the wrong way and causing untold harm, quite something to drop on a 7 year old child.

Drawings of the event witnessed by the children of the Ariel School

The patterns are there to see for all who choose to pay attention, and yet, many of us that are listening, for some reason still refuse to take the messages seriously – why? Is it just too uncomfortable to look in the mirror and face the fact that we are living our lives in a near suicidal way? Has Hollywood convinced us that Aliens have nothing to do with our ancestry and they just love flying around the galaxy in spaceships looking for stuff to do on other planets like James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock?

Fortunately the UFO conversation has evolved over the years and some pioneers have started to fold in lessons handed down from millennia of mystics, religious texts and even the escapades of psychedelic seers such as Terrance McKenna in an attempt to bring a broader understanding to a field that can only be described as confusing at best. Of course there are still plenty of the members of the old guard, sticking to their nuts and bolts and spending their time focusing on technology, weapons and aeronautics.

As such, the arguments and frustrations go on, and like primitive cave dwellers we retreat to our camps of belief and throw sticks at each other, convinced the others have no idea what they are talking about. The clock keeps ticking and the time keeps going by with no real change.

While I don’t profess to have the concrete answer that so many of the community are screaming out for, I do believe that the messages I am hearing over and over again are important and very real. I think we have done great damage to not only our ‘reality’ but many others in our lust for war and power. I believe that whoever ‘they’ are, they seem to have a duty to take care of this planet and all that reside here, and I believe that we may have to face these facts very very soon. Because of these things I started this web site, with a hope of reaching as many people as possible with the best information I can claw together. I also meditate for about an hour each day to try and get myself right with the universe.

How did I personally come to decide on this point of view? When things are staring you in the face long enough, there comes a point when you have to decide what your personal truth is going to be. It turns out mine came to me 17 years ago with wet hair and white deodorant marks on my dang work shirt.