May 8, 2021

There was a time!

are we ready for ufo

I’m going to start off with some of my favorite Guns N’ Roses lyrics from a song on their 2008 Chinese Democracy album called ‘There Was A Time’.  The lyrics are,

There was a time. 
Didn’t want to know it all. 
Didn’t want to know it all
and I don’t wanna know it now.” 

The reason why these words are relevant is because I can tie these lyrics towards my feeling towards ‘Disclosure’.  I believe my attitude is changing towards the topic and right now I’m not sure if that’s for the good or bad, as we seem to be drawing closer towards what seems to be the inevitable.

So why have I seen a shift in my beliefs?  That’s actually a good question.  Personally, I don’t need ‘Disclosure’ because I’ve already had it. I’ve had it with my own experiences, although there are still thousands of questions I have about my personal encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial contact that I am curious about. 

Do I want to know more about the black triangles I’ve seen?  The times I was ‘taken’?  The aliens in the forest with Samantha Mowat.  Do I want to learn more about Carl and his friends?  Of course I do.  With everything I’ve been through, and with the hundreds of people I have interviewed, talked to, and studied on this subject, I know the truth is out there!  I’ve seen it, felt it, and heard it.  I want more.  I want to test my courage.  I want to look my fears in the eyes and find the inner strength to do something with my life that I probably will never get the opportunity to do again.  That’s to see them again, and experience the ultimate test.  Would I walk on that craft? 

For me, as much as I love being the voice of Spaced Out Radio, and Beyond Reality on, it’s still a personal journey.  You bet this is personal.  I do want to know.  However, before the last three years became reality, the road to any sort of ‘Disclosure’ was a pipe dream we just talked about.  Sure there were legends like Art Bell, George Knapp, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, and others discussing this topic for decades.  But when you jump into the rabbit hole, and combine your own experiences, there’s this level of information that I don’t think anyone knows the real answers.  That includes the likes of Hal Puthoff, Jim Semivan, Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo. 

But alas, there was a time….. There was a time when I wanted to see what the government, especially in the United States, knew about aliens.  I wanted to know what dirty little secrets they were hiding.  I wanted to see the egg on their greedy faces when the truth about Roswell, Phoenix, Kecksberg and others places came out to the public eye.  But now, meh, not so much. 

So why has my attitude changed?  Once again, a great question.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  I do not believe for a second the mainstream public, and even many within the UFO community and UFO Twitter know the ‘Pandora’s Box’ this truly opens up.  I envision people going crazy at the thought that aliens have arrived.  I do not believe for a second that Luis Elizondo actually separates aliens from UFOs.  I do not believe that everyone will be fine, much like Stephen Bassett claims will happen.

I worry about the people who will be so mentally and emotionally disturbed by this new reality that they will take the law into their own hands and do something foolish.  I am concerned for the economy and how stock markets and businesses will react to this.  It makes me ill to think about the four plus billion people who are attached to all sorts of religions are going to act because many believe those from the stars are demonic, and this moment will be Armageddon as books like the Bible and Koran read.  

There are numerous people involved in UFOlogy who are hanging their hats and social media careers on the ‘Disclosure’ movement.  Many of whom have never had a personal encounter or experience that would change their entire outlook on the subject.  They want the government to buck up.  They believe the technology that aliens can provide will help take our great planet to knew heights of advancements and new ways of living.  They seem to have this rose tinted picture of how life will be when all secrets are out.  All very human answers and conclusions of course. 

Do they really believe that our lives will improve when the military industrial complex eats up all the good toys first, and for decades?  It was almost thirty years ago when Ben Rich was quoted as saying, “We already have the technology to get ET home again!” That is a profound statement.  That was three decades ago.  Where’s this technology?  We see more weapons.  We see more mobile and deadlier armed forces.  Yet, we’re launching rockets on primitive technology to try and get back to the Moon and humans off to Mars.  So where’s the good stuff Ben Rich talked about? 

We haven’t seen it yet.  Thirty years later.

We’ve had over the last three years some of the most incredible and knowledgeable people come out about this subject while making little difference to the mainstream people, media and cultures.  People are more concerned about how they look on Instagram or the snark they can type on Twitter than they are about learning and understanding about the second biggest story in humankind’s history.  That is we are not alone in the universe.  What more do we need? 

We’ve had Presidents talk about this.  We’ve had the man who ran the program talk about it.  Mainstream media is starting to take this story seriously, with little to no reaction from the public.  Television shows of this genre may be some of the highest rated, but it hasn’t exposed the deep seeded conversations that are needed and necessary to understand the phenomenon is real.  This isn’t your every day tinfoil hat subject anymore.  It’s something we do need to pay attention to.  But is the story getting the understanding it deserves?  I would say no.  But it’s getting there.  Unfortunately getting there is still a very long road ahead.

So am I worried or concerned for not only people in UFOlogy but the public in general?  Sure I am.  We’re not ready.  Look how we’ve handled COVID-19?  Look how we’ve treated people.  Look how we hoarded everything from toilet paper to milk and daily food products.  Look how we have stopped asking important questions pertaining to our own health and survival.  Look at what we’ve become in a very short while.  No, I do not believe for a second that COVID is a conspiracy or a fake disease.  But there are numerous questions that need to be asked about it.  Questions challenging a narrative that affects everyone on this planet. 

What do you think is going to happen with aliens, when it’s announced we aren’t alone?  How about when it’s announced that they’re here?  
We aren’t ready and we need to stop fooling ourselves and acting like we are.