March 7, 2021

From Roswell to Nimitz: The Paperclip Hypothesis.

When asked whether or not humanity has been visited by beings ‘not from our Earth’ across thousands of years, Ancient Astronaut theorists may say “yes”. But if you try to zero in on what is often referred to as the modern incarnation of the phenomenon, most historians ancient and mainstream alike pretty much agree on the sighting by Kenneth Arnold in June of 1947 as the beginning.

However, if you look a little deeper, even that modern date may be a bit on the late side. As early as 1944 WWII pilots were famously encountering what they termed “foo fighters”, a group of handsome, rag-tag musicians form Seattle that…oh wait, not those Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Teases 'Seriously Crazy Sh-t' for 2020
Dave Grohl, a flying enthusiast named his band after the Foo Fighters of WWII

No, the Foo fighters encountered by Allied forces over Germany in late 1944 and early 1945, as the European theater of war was coming to a bloody close, appeared by all descriptions to be luminous, ball-like craft buzzing around, hawking, trailing and otherwise harassing our outmatched airplanes. These craft also seemed to interfere with the electronics of the allied planes, causing pilots to assume this was their Nazi designer’s specific intent.

As Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first leader of Project Blue Book and a later proponent of the E.T hypothesis once wrote: “When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported by UFO observers”

Reports of actual attacks from these foo fighters were never officially documented, although a great book exists on the subject that alleges some damage was done. And like the rest of the 87 years (and counting) since then, photos taken by those pilots are dubious at best.

Alien Roswell Foo Fighters UFO Paperclip
Strange Company by Keith Chester

Significantly, those allied pilots immediately pegged the balls of light as a new type of German craft, and as my mother the lifelong nurse once told me, the best doctors always take the advice of those who are first on the scene. They have the best, first impression, and the on-site experience to inform their judgement. I agree, mom.

Therefore, given that sage advice, I will try to examine a stunning event right at the end of the war, how that event may have led to the crash in the summer of 1947, the latest batch of American military pilots encountering unknown, highly maneuverable craft they can’t explain, all with the hopes of finding at least one possible, terrestrial explanation that could theoretically connect all three. I give you a theory long discussed in UFO lore, but one I believe has never been properly named.

I call it: The Paperclip Hypothesis.

First: The end of the war

Okay, first things first. Like anyone who follows this field, I cringe when hearing the words “Nazi” and “UFO” in the same sentence, and often stop reading altogether when I see someone like me trying to make the case. Too often it feels like a lazy connection, taking a mid-20th century super power who was known for trying out cutting edge aviation projects and saying, “yep, all UFO’s were just Nazi craft.” Some TV specials have even tried to tie these to recovery and reversed engineering of E.T. vehicles as well, somehow connecting all three subjects into one. Again, claims outweigh evidence, making these specials fun diversions but not smoking guns.

Alien Roswell Foo Fighters UFO Paperclip
An artists impression of ‘Die Glocke’

Still, at the end of the Second World War, there is no denying that Germany did have such advanced aviation projects under development, possibly even ones involving anti-gravity. We know this not only because of the V-2 rockets peppering allied targets with increasing precision, but because after defeating the Third Reich, the U.S. government and others swooped in, grabbed up hundreds of scientists working in these fields (and others) and put them to work state-side on our own secret projects.

Dubbed “Operation Paperclip”, this program included the father of the V-2 rocket and pioneer of the North American space program, Dr. Wernher von Braun. In all, over 1,600 scientists and support team members were scooped up by the U.S. during this operation, including Dr. von Braun and his rocketry team. Of course, unless the good doctor needed over 1,600 insanely over-qualified assistants, some of these scientists must have been working on other projects as well.

Alien Roswell Foo Fighters UFO Paperclip

A handful of these guys received medals from NASA in 1969, including Kurt DebusEberhard ReesArthur Rudolph, and von Braun himself all on his rocketry projects, but that still leaves a majority of scientists whose work was more closely guarded. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them was working on the infamous ‘Die Glocke’, or ‘Repulsine’ designs often discounted as Nazi myths with no concrete evidence, but it leaves open that possibility of something like those technologies being part of the paperclip haul. And for that possibility, we have a significant, highly popular piece of evidence.

That Silly Little Crash

The year was 1947. WWII was still fresh, and the U.S. and burgeoning Soviet Union were already in an arms race. Both countries knew that throughout history major weapons advancements have spelled doom for those stuck with last generation technology, something they all just witnessed first-hand with the advent of a new bomb that not only ended the war, but catapulted the U.S. to true super-power status.

Roswell UFO incident
The Roswell Daily Record front page headlines after the crash

Unfortunately, they also learned how hard keeping such a huge secret could be. In fact, as tightly-held a military secret as the Manhattan Project was, by 1947 Russia had acquired everything they needed to enter the race, exploding their own bomb just 2 years later in 1949.

So, with that in mind, is it so impossible to consider that any project deemed as game-changing as atomic weapons were, (and anti-gravity propulsion would undoubtedly represent just such a dramatic advance) was even more closely held right after the war ended?

If the USG knew how important keeping the bomb a secret was in 1945, then you can bet every program started under Paperclip just as that war was ending would be given an ultra-ultra-high security classification. In this case, if Anti-gravity propulsion was something the Nazi scientists were having some basic success with, and it was among the projects taken in Paperclip, it is definitely possible that the U.S. was able to learn from mistakes made with the Manhattan Project and keep this particular project quiet for over 75 years and counting.

Then where, I ask, might such a project be tested? How about somewhere in the broad, wide open southwestern United States, where advanced military vehicles are tested all of the time. Say, I don’t know, New Mexico for instance.

That crash: Part 2

Like many who are curious about UFO/UAP, I’ve always been bothered by the Roswell Crash. Not the idea that something crashed, or that it was something unusual enough for the U.S. military to concoct a cover story and fly the collected debris on the next plane outta town, but simply the idea that beings from another planet could traverse the vastness of space only to stumble once they are here and crash in the desert, dead alien bodies and all.

Alternatively, crashing advanced aircraft in development is something humans do all the time. And they do it in and around the New Mexico area all the time, too. Sure, there are reports of child-sized coffins, alien bodies, and all sorts of other testimonies associated with this case that even led famed researcher Stanton Friedman to label Roswell a real event, most likely of extraterrestrial origin, but for my liking (and this is my post, so hey) the crash itself still seems unlikely.

Alien Roswell Foo Fighters UFO Paperclip

I’m not saying Stanton was wrong, or that there haven’t been aliens that did indeed cross space only to crash here, there are simply too many other cases dating back to 1941 for it to be discounted out of hand, what I’m saying with the benefit of seven plus decades of hindsight, a great many of the aspects of this particular case also fit the crashing of a super-secret human-made craft developed from Nazi-captured tech. Maybe more so.

The timing.

1947 is not only a good timeframe for American scientists and researchers to have advanced the basic “foo figher” glowing ball into a more operational, maneuverable test craft. It also jibes well with that famous “flying saucer” Kenneth Arnold’s sighting just months earlier a bit farther north yet also within the open expanses of the western half of the U.S., which had the craft flying in a wing formation, you know, military style.

Kenneth Arnold Roswell
Kenneth Arnold with an artist’s impression of the craft he witnessed.

The reaction.

Say you are testing this type of craft, and Kenneth Arnold sees it while you are specifically trying to keep the Russkies away from knowing you even have it. They themselves had grabbed over 2,000 German scientists after the war as well, some of whom may have told them what (and who) the U.S. has taken. Any hint the Third Reich were working on a German-designed anti-grav propulsion system would surely be something they knew about, and would inevitably grab their attention if we were working on it.

Then you crash it. (face palm)

Keeping in mind that Jesse Marcel was an intelligence officer, and that keeping such a project secret would be the military’s primary concern, what do you do? Do you admit you have a game-changing tech developed by Nazi war criminals you found too useful to prosecute for their crimes that crashed while you were still working out the bugs? Or, do you take the headlines from a month earlier talking about “Flying Saucers” and use them to your advantage? What would a career intelligence officer do?

Sure, it may have been an alien craft that crashed in the desert outside of the small farming town of Corona, and a lot of testimony still points that way, or it may have been intelligence officers using recent headlines and a little misdirection to keep the real, definable enemy away from their latest Manhattan Project. For this hypothesis at least, I favor the second.

The Fallout.

At the time, the story did its service. It replaced any notion of a secret test craft with the idea of an alien one, then simply morphed into a crashed weather balloon. From then on, the public ascribed anything they couldn’t explain in the sky to E.T., leaving our tiny (proposed) group of ultra-secret engineers still perfecting the fully man-made anit-gravity system to continue to work in anonymity.

Speaking of Which…

If Roswell is the most famous UFO case, then the 2004 USS Nimitz “Tic-Tac” incident is quickly moving into second. Rather than explain it, just watch this amazing video by Dave Beaty and team, or read almost every single article written about the subject since December 2017.

USS Nimitz
The USS Nimitz

Like Roswell, this case has some particularly “human” components to it, specifically ones that make me at least consider the idea (as many have) that it is a legacy program from the 1940’s one I hypothesized above. I’m not talking about a reverse-engineered alien craft (still an option, IMO), but simply a more evolved one from the rudimentary “foo fighters” of the 1940’s that the U.S. may have been developing in secret (and occasionally crashing) since way back in 1947.


The first is the fact that it was seen hawing an advanced U.S. military strike group. Aliens and enemies also have good reasons to want to do this, but unlike some skeptics, I think the type of ultra-secret program I am suggesting would indeed try to test their tech against the best currently-available tech. In 2004, that was the Nimitz group.

And before we point out, rightfully so, that such a test wouldn’t be done without some sort of knowledge at or near the top of the military chain of command, at least some aspects of the story seem to point to exactly that.

  • The Tic-Tac knew their cap point.

I have heard extremely high figures for the statistical likelihood of making such an accurate guess, seemingly indicating some sort of fore knowledge by the Tic Tac’s operator(s).

  • The pilots were radioed on their way to the intercept to confirm they had no live-fire weapons.

Again, this could be explained if those in charge were fearful of an accidental shooting of an alien or adversary craft, but I tend to think the opposite. If you are indeed seeing your entire strike group hawked for days by high flying, elusive vehicles of unknown origin, then having weapon available as a worst-case, last resort option seems like a must when sending their pilots there and not the opposite.  

I-Team: Fmr. Commander Dave Fravor says military pilots had ongoing  encounters with UFOs
Cmdr, David Fravor talks alongside Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp

However, if it was a friendly test craft, say a USAF drone using tech being developed since 1947 (eh-hem), then I can definitely see someone suddenly realizing they better make sure the F-18’s you are sending don’t accidently shoot the expensive-ass thing out of the sky. Again, if I’m intercepting an unknown I want my pilots armed, but if I know they are chasing one of ours even if they don’t, I sure as hell want to re-confirm they aren’t carrying any live ordinance.

  • When the F-18’s tried to lock their radar on the Tic-Tac, not only did the lock fail, but they received telemetry indicating that they were being electronically jammed.

This is another biggie for me hinting at a terrestrial explanation. True, I have no evidence that an Alien craft wouldn’t use this specific type of jamming tech. However, according to pilots and other witnesses, we know without a doubt that this is exactly the type of anti-radar tech we are currently testing all the time.

  • According to witness statements, the Air Force had people on the scene almost immediately after the incident, and those officers collected the hard drives that included radar and other signal intelligence on the encounter.

If I was the top guy (or 2) at the Air Force (who has yet to weigh in on either incident) and in-conjunction with some super-secret contractor’s USAP, was running a test on a new anti-gravity drone that only myself, a handful of engineers and maybe the top person in the Navy who you are coordinating with know about, I would make sure my guys were on the scene to collect the hard drives, videos, and other signal-intel from the test and bring it back for analysis. It is how tests of any kind work for any type of tech. Run test. Collect data. Analyze. Run another test. Repeat. That happened here.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
The F-117 Nighthawk took it’s maiden flight 40 years ago in 1981

So, was the USAF simply monitoring things via satellites and other tech we don’t know the details about but sure know exist, and after witnessing an actual “off-world” UAP entering our atmosphere were able to send someone to the Nimitz to collect the data for analysis? Or, were the AF personnel already en-route once the test was underway, as their quick arrival after the direct encounter and not the first sighting by the strike group occurred, and were there to collect data on their own craft’s test run? To me, given the timing, I am open to the first but lean toward the second.

Which leads us to:

In 2015, another wave of military encounters, this time by those serving with the USS Princeton strike group seemed to involve this same “Tic-Tac” craft. Or many of them. This also points to the idea of either a foreign or alien observer interested in what our military’s most advanced forces are doing, a legitimate possibility for sure, or our secret research group conducting yet another test.

More clues:

Like the first encounter over the Pacific Ocean, pilots were outmatched. However, in this case many witnesses indicate that after the interaction off of the Eastern U.S. coast, the craft followed them all the way to their deployment in the Persian Gulf. Similar reports followed, seeming to indicate a new step in the encounters, where the vehicles are observing the U.S. Navy in actual deployment and not just on test runs.

This also makes me think it could be man-made USAF tech on a test, or a test mixed with a real-time deployment. Here’s why.

This incident is a full decade, and likely numerous tests/improvements by my hypothetical design team, after the Nimitz encounter. It would also jibe with the idea of man-made tech simply due to the fact that we don’t invent (or steal) advanced weapons and then not use them. The stealth fighters exposed in the first gulf war in 1991 were kept quiet for over a decade of their development, enduring test after test before being used in real combat. The same could be said for our theoretical man-made antigravity drone.

Nimitz UFO Tic Tac
Artist’s impression of the ‘Tic Tac’ UAP

Unfortunately for my secret USAP team, they can’t go public in the way of a snazzy new anti-gravity super-fighter like the F-117 Stealth Fighter or B-2 Stealth Bomber without risking the enemy getting its hands on one. It would be inevitable. However, if somewhere way up the food chain in the Military industrial Complex those seeing the steps made in 2004 (and since) have grown weary of keeping such a game-changing tool hidden in the shed, and have decided to put it into action while also still trying to preserve its secrecy, this type of “halfway in halfway out” deployment might be the way.

How and Why:

Such a drone could offer unprecedented intelligence, while also hanging far enough away to avoid being shot down or otherwise intercepted. Basically, it could effectively hang out on the fringes of a group like the Princeton one, gathering data and even communicating critical data to the naval command via secure channels, which they then relay to the strike group without necessarily reveling its source. We have satellites already operating exactly like this and doing this type of work all of the time; collecting and sending tactical data to the in-theater players without any direct knowledge of the exact platform or even the technology gathering and interpreting the data. It’s a reason often cited as to why the videos of the Nimitz were such a concern for the military. Not so much the objects witnessed, but the idea that a video of a pilot’s display console might reveal the intelligence and data gathering tech available to the 21st century American pilot.

Ultimately, if we did indeed grab some anti-grav tech back in 1945 and develop it to this point, I’m betting those involved would feel it’s only a matter of time before someone in another country stumbles onto it organically as well, just like my first theoretical Nazi scientist did, making any real-world application advantage a short lived one at best. This would also make me guess they would want to take advantage now, even if just to gather intel, instead of rolling out a full blown TR3-B or some other ant-gravity super fighter only when someone else starts to use theirs.


This is a key time to point out that I firmly believe some sort of non-terrestrial intelligence has likely visited Earth, possibly even maintaining a high-tech “duck-blind” in our world’s oceans from which to conduct their observations of us. We’re fascinating as hell, and are seemingly upon the shift into a new information age that will represent a fourth age of humanity, after the hunter-gatherer, agricultural and industrial ages of mankind that came before it.

If I were an alien, I’d sure want to see a primitive animal up close, the first on its planet evolved enough to use fire, electricity or split the atom (among other things), and to study their every move as they progress into an information age that also has them entering space. For any advanced species traveling the cosmos, ranging from slightly more advanced, biological E.B.E.’s to super-advanced AI’s, it would probably be like looking back in time to their own evolution. What a show!

ALIENS ARE WATCHING US | Alien art, Fantastic art, Alien

What I’m saying is, although I believe that likely numerous species or beings from numerous origins have been here, and still visit us now, when weighing my Paperclip Hypothesis against an alien craft crashing in 1947 and another one displaying a number of hallmarks of man-made tech in 2004 and 2015, I’m not sure either the Roswell crash or the recent Tic-Tac encounters represent such an alien visit as much as they hint at a well-protected government program that even the likes of Christopher Mellon and Lue Elizondo don’t have access to.

Heck, those two guys may simply be pissed they didn’t get access, and decided to blow the whistle on the whole thing. Mellons’ former bosses in the Navy intelligence apparatus definitely seems miffed and pissed, and if they think the USAF has a drone and won’t cop to it or share the tech, then going public this way may be their way of putting the screws to those not letting them in on the loop. It only takes the top guy in the Air Force to secretly communicate with the top guy in the Navy to account for all of the back-door communication I imply, leaving even someone as high as Mellon or his boss out of the loop if the highest-ups deem it necessary.

In the end, if it is man-made tech we will inevitably know sooner or later. We always do. However, if it is E.T. and we really have had the debris since 1947, it’s time we know that now. Also, if the Tic-Tac is ours, then someone at the DoD needs to explain the “still classified as unknown” statement. Of course, that statement may just be a case of better to ask forgiveness later when it is proven a lie, rather than permission now when we still don’t want our enemies to know what it is we have.

Hope we learn the truth either way. But until then, I think a terrestrial explanation for both the Crash at Roswell and the recent Tic-Tac incidents is not completely impossible, and may in fact be the easiest case to make.

I’ll take either, but I still admit that I want to believe…

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