March 7, 2021

The Origin of Species: Something ‘Alien’ is Intelligently Controlling UAP Technology

UAP Technology

Generally, we tend to stay away from presuming to know what UAP (UFOs) might be, and/or, who or what, might be piloting them. Mainly, that’s for the sake of engaging credibility, and also it’s good scientific practice to stick to the facts of what is being reported by Navy Pilots, military personnel, former CIA director John O’Brennan and United States Senators. Speculation is good for formulating a hypothesis but poor for inciting wild unverifiable theories. Having said that, we are coming to that point in the global conversation, the point when the question will eventually be asked;

“Within a reasonable degree of accuracy, who or what actually are UAP?”

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that more UAP transparency and understanding will come under the Biden administration, alongside the very difficult task of managing the stigma of UFOs.

Trump was a character, he had it all to gain by recognising the benefits of being the ‘Disclosure President’, having the legacy of being the one who told the world, his reputation  immortalised, his face carved into a mountain and his name famously recited without the preceding ‘in’ before ‘famous’. But it wasn’t to be for Donald Trump, despite during his tenure the biggest internal DOD investigation via briefings on the topic of UFOs since 1969.

Credit: The Debrief obtained the document via FOIA, showing classified briefings on UAP were occurring in 2019.

Some mainstream media within the U.K. and U.S. now have some limited awareness (or at least access to intel data reports) of the seriousness that UAP has with regard to national security (most still are yet to be focused appropriately). The GCHQ and others from the global intelligence community now have knowledge (or at least access to intel data reports) of the UAP threat, via the two intelligence reports on the classified servers (which reportedly have videos and pictures taken from Navy Pilot I-phones of hyper advanced ‘Triangles’ and ‘Cubes’ shaped objects). To date, we have not had any of that specific data, photos or videos leaked to the public. Official gun camera footage from various F-18 military jets remain classified to protect ‘sources and methods’.

The Debrief released photos of a triangle mock up (Dave Beaty) and an unidentified v-shape object that supposedly came form the Intelligence report.

Having been fortunate to speak to a few individuals working the issue, and having been occasionally involved in the UAP Research Community myself, it has become clear to me that the intent here is to push forward transparency with the hope of eventual UAP ‘confirmation hearings’.

To me, that would mean hearings won’t be an all out ‘extraterrestrial’ disclosure event similar to the civilian mock congressional hearing we saw in 2013 with the ‘Citizen Hearing on Disclosure’, and certainly the ‘ETH’ won’t be a foregone conclusion.

Instead, we simply may have to accept that 95% of governments have not taken UAP seriously since the whitewash reports of Condon committee and Condign and therefore don’t have the executive data to say it’s one thing or another. Essentially, this has been the case since the closure of the U.S. Bluebook in 1969 and then the U.K.s DIA report from 2000. Consequently, the topic is highly stigmatised within government and essentially has stopped anyone investigating for fear of being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

That is until December 2017 and the start of the Golden Age of UFOs.

Despite ongoing pushback by certain areas of DOD personnel over UAP transparency, it wasn’t until the disclosure of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) in 2017 by The New York Times that the world started to realise that UAP represented a hyper advanced technology.

The Debrief team received data suggesting that the NSANET and other servers contain two UAP intelligence reports.

The stigmatised issue came from the very definition of what UAP actually are, the hoaxes and crazy conspiracy that turned away the public’s attention.

The use of film and television have imprinted a certain societal perception of what UAP/UFOs actually are and how the narrative would play out, for example, if UFOs are real they must be extraterrestrial, and if UFOs are real they would invade Earth, also, the media would know within minutes and the President would make a statement to the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of falsehoods within those statements, and these falsehoods effect how we approach the issue of UAP.

To start, it is probably best to strip back the narrative for the sake of having a conversation with the public.

Additionally, we must consider the sheer complexity surrounding possible UAP origins, we must consider that there are multiple possible alternative considerations leading away from a very dogmatic extraterrestrial hypothesis, or, that coincide with the extraterrestrial hypothesis. We simply need to request more data and government transparency. 

If some UAP are indeed anomalous (aka, non-human), they need to be defined as such, and given a separate distinction that identifies them from advanced terrestrial (human) technology.

The question of extraterrestrial, ultra-terrestrial, crypto-terrestrial, inter-dimensional, trans-dimensional all must be considered, and even the more complex issue of how human consciousness + psychology and neurology interplay with this phenomenon also must be considered.

If some of this technology is human made by China or Russia and therefore classified military technology, we must also have a distinction and be able to identify it within its own right. This is a potentially serious threat and should be treated as such.

(Just to throw in there, the threat narrative has been used to engage congress and the public, but an investigation will probably show they aren’t not about to annihilate humans like in the films ‘Independence Day’ or ‘Mars Attacks’. And again, just a reminder, there is no alien false flag agenda).

Only a verified, openly accepted government body of investigation can do this form of scientific research. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task (UAPTF) is rather alarmingly, underfunded and understaffed we are told. And yet, the UAPTF is still given the burden of producing a report to the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence (SSCI) that documents the origin of UAP. To do this, the UAPTF needs full access to radar data, classified gun camera videos, pilot testimony, case reports, documents, etc. It is with this specific data that they can evaluate where these UAP are going, and, where they are coming from.

Tim McMillan’s late 2020 article documented recent leaked reports suggest that some UAPs are coming from the world’s oceans and possess ‘trans-medium’ propulsion  abilities. Does that mean these are Ultra-terrestrial by origin?

What about radar operator Kevin Days remarks about the Tic-Tacs (plural) in which they operate on the edge of space at 80’000 ft? Or how they disappeared over Guadalupe island in 2004.

A still photo of the ‘Tic-Tac’ UAP, taken from FLIR1 footage, first released by The New York Times in 2017.

as far as i know (was not in CIC 24/7) all of the TIC TACs faded from radar above this island .. intrigued .. I wrote down the LAT/LONG in my log book .. a small, seemingly insignificant attention to detail at the time .. but a potentially huge dealio today as we work at getting closer to the truth..”

– Kevin Day, Via Social Media, 2019

‘Indeed, for at least a century, “something” that appears to transcend all cultural, ideological, and geographical boundaries has shown a proclivity toward sporadic, yet brilliant, airborne displays. The only discernible consistency this “something” seems to possess is an unwavering commitment to breaking current paradigms and behaving in ways that appear completely alien to human understanding.’

– T, McMillan, The Debrief, 19.01.2021.

Most rational people who would look back at the UAPdata that stems back almost to over a century and conclude that there is something of note, here. The sheer mass of patterned reporting on specific UAP technology from every country, every year, every decade from persons of every age, race, gender and social background suggest that this by definition…isn’t possibly not human.

That is a difficult concept for most people to accept. Yes, it is easy for those uninformed to say that the flying discs, cubes, spheres, tic-tacs and triangles reported by our Navy Pilots in recent years are advanced classified military technology. But this technology isn’t trivial. This is revolutionary.

However, these same objects were reported in conjunction with the birth of the nuclear age in the 1960s, 1950s and the 1940s and the creation of Project Bluebook. Arguably, it is so highly unlikely that UAP technology was human created, at least not back in the days of World War Two and the first ‘Foo Fighters’. On this basis it is highly unlikely to be human technology on the concept that it is just that advanced.

By definition, it (whatever it is) remains ‘Alien’ to us after seventy plus years, but not necessarily extraterrestrial either. The origin of species will prove to be the foundation of the conversation going forward once the focus is on the issue and not just awareness.

Has the time not come to start really asking difficult questions?