May 8, 2021

‘The Big Phone Home’ project and reframing UFO to UAP

Much has been written about UFO Twitter, some good, some bad, but most in agreement that the platform is different to mainstream Ufology. It unpicks 70 years of established concepts that the government is an ‘evil cabal’ and cannot be trusted, it unpicks the pre-emptive notion that all UFOs are extraterrestrial (the reality might be something extremely complex). It also takes Ufology from the old guard and gives it to the young people, after all this information belongs to them, not a bunch of 50 year old men talking about Roswell in an echo chamber.

And it is this difference within the platform which has allowed something that Ufology has not….a rational, serious conversation within the mainstream.

Consider, because more ‘non-ufo people’ are having the conversation, it therefore allows for a more diverse and wider global conversation. Non-ufo people aren’t indoctrinated by the stigmatised ‘threat narrative’ or the ‘evil government’ narrative that Ufology has burned into its forehead. This frees up what can be done, how things are approached and who can be worked with.

And we need the government. There is no disclosure without them, it’s that simple.

Consider that our societal belief system is a hierarchy in structure. Take a belief, any belief, whether it be perceptions of homosexuality, life on Mars or smoking increases your risk of cancer, now consider how that societal belief is formulated. Most often, the belief structure is filtered down from the top, and by that, I mean a countries government. As a people, we have structured our political-scientific-sociology around the concept that the government promotes the most effective peer reviewed science (whether private or public research). From that, the individuals within the given society will take this information and act in accordance with said government backed data. Hence, when both Condon report (1969) and the Condign report (2000) from the U.S. and U.K. formulated policy on UFOs, the government pushed the notion that there was no threat to national security posed. The result was the mainstream media took that narrative and the world formulated a belief system around UFOs. Top-down, the incorrect information that UFOs aren’t a serious issue was filtered into the worlds society.

Without government intervention, the belief systems around UFOs will not change, the stigma will remain and no amount of praying to aliens in a field will change that.

Additionally, ‘they’ aren’t about to land, most possibly because ‘they’ are something else entirely.

With this in mind we have to face the harsh concept that the ONLY way that this issue is broken open is with people who have access to UAPinfo, people working within the Department of Defense (DOD) who can amend and change legislation that allows for this issue to be taken seriously.

People who can influence the top end of the hierarchy.

Much of this has been happening, and unfortunately we will never know the full story behind the actions of such patriots.

Thanks to Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon and others behind the scenes, we now have an opportunity to unite under one banner. UFOTwitter. An ideal platform which allows access to the billions of users across the world, and a platform which allows those people to come into this world.

Essentially, UFOTwitter is to Ufology in the same way ‘Stay on Main’ is to the ‘Cecil Hotel’. Both of Skid Row. Same company, same building but the two split off from each other and joined only by the elevators (which both use). Stay on Main is the ‘UAP rebranding’ appeal to a new clientele, a younger persons hostel which is cool and trendy, a new overhaul. However, the dogmatic Ufology residents still live across the way and have access, some of these old guard have lived in the hotel for over forty years, unwilling to accept change, adapt or pack a suitcase.
So long as that elevator joins the two worlds, one will inevitably influence the other.

UFOTwitter and the UAP rebrand has mobilised and created countless UAP blogs and podcasts in recent months. New organisations such UAPMedia U.K. are now appearing.

The EndUAPSecrecy campaign has ‘levelled up’ and additionally we are now seeing credible disclosure initiatives that engage politicians and mainstream without the stigmatised extraterrestrial conversation killing jargon, and instead, they use UAP terminology freely and interchangeably. The conversation is turning to activism, and that conversation has become self-sustaining. What was once just one or two people on social media fighting to get people to write their congressman has become an army of researchers turned activists, all wanting to do the right thing, all knowing that extreme legacy awaits them.

Straiph Wilson and Luis Jiminez are two of the names involved in ‘The Big Phone Home’, a massive engagement of Ufology and UFOTwitter into activism.

EndUAPSecrecy had shown support and wished to build pressure to the event in the week prior. Journalists, mainstream media organisations, politicians and media personalities will be engaged on social media, via letters, emails in an attempt to bring transparency to the issue of UAP technology. April 26th seems to be the date of engagement, but yet to be decided conclusively.

We would call on every person in UFOTwitter to use there skill set, podcasts, blogs, radio shows, you tubers, articles etc and join the biggest push in recent history to end the secrecy of UAPs.