March 3, 2021

Mentions of Edgar Mitchell in Jacques Vallee’s diaries


Recently, I was reviewing my blog posts concerning the Wilson/Davis notes. As this set of notes is said to have come from the estate of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, I also re-read relevant portions of Jacques Vallee’s diaries, which mentioned Mitchell. I realized that I had never chronological read those sections. I then thought that while I was typing them out for myself, there might be some blog readers who would be interested in them. 

[Note: FS and a number refers to Vallee’s series of books titled  “Forbidden Science” Volume 2 etc.]

Diary entries

FS2, page 88. 19 August 1971

Vallee was visiting a Madame Mathey in San Francisco.

“A gifted young psychic, the main attraction of the evening, told us of a recent meeting with Dr. Rhine and astronaut Edgar Mitchell (45) at a haunted house.”

Note 45 reads:

“Edgar D. Mitchell is a U.S. astronaut (the sixth man on the Moon while serving as the lunar module  pilot during the Apollo 14  flight of February 1971) who ran psychic experiments from space. He went on to be a founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1972.”

FS2 page 164. 12 November 1972

Testing of Uri Geller by Hal Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute.

“…Hal and Russell arrive in the company of Geller, New Age researcher Andrija Puharich and their entourage, which included Ed Mitchell.”

FS2 page 166. 26 November 1972

Uri Geller performs.

“The SRI team was there…Edgar Mitchell did the introductions, explaining how Puharich “discovered” Uri in Israel, how Geller left the army in 1968, went into show business…”

FS2 page 168. 30 November 1972

On 28 November 1972:

“…they were having dessert when half of a tie pin belonging to Ed Mitchell materialized in Uri’s vanilla ice cream. During the afternoon the other half fell behind him in the lab.”

FS2 page 204. 22 June 1973

Vallee went to Los Angeles.

“Next I went to see Ed Mitchell and gave him my National Science Foundation report. He liked my idea of conducting psychic experiments using our “Forum” conferencing system, linking various sensitives together. I met his assistant John White.

FS2 page 205. 28 August 1973

“On Sunday Janine and I went to see two movies produced by Edgar Mitchell, followed by a reception at his house in Atherton, with a sparkling pool and impeccable grounds. Mitchell and his friends are researching consciousness, which no two people define in the same way. He seeks the answers in laboratories where trembling plants are said to be influencing other plants, electronics strapped to every leaf.”

FS4 page 85. 26 April 1991

“…the Noetics institute continues to amass information about “spontaneous remission,” notably the healing of cancer. Bill Harman is still there, as is Edgar Mitchell, who denies ever saying anything about mysterious structures on the moon.”

FS4 page 276. 12 November 1995

“The forthcoming Noetics seminar includes a number of people I know…astronaut Edgar Mitchell…”

FS4 page 293. 3 February 1996

Meeting of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) Science Advisory Board (SAB.)

“Hal told us Ed Mitchell had just attended a Rockefeller-sponsored meeting where individuals with first-hand experiences with UFOs in the government or the military were invited to tell their stories.”

FS4 Page 314. 1 June 1996

NIDS SAB meeting.

“The other presentations (one by Edgar Mitchell) also touched on the near-death experience.”

FS4 page 349. 11 January 1997

Sixth NIDS SAB meeting.

“…so the only missing members are Ian Stevenson and Ed Mitchell.”

FS4 page 368. 3 May 1997

“In the van I had the chance to discuss various theories with Ed Mitchell. He thought there was a change in the UFO phenomenon between the early and late 40’s. He believes that there is a secret group, a spinoff from the U.S. government, with access to captured technology. It has reverse-engineered the craft and is busy creating a false threat, to be attributed to “bad aliens,” he said, or to satanic forces. But I recall that Ed has been influenced by Steven Greer.”

FS4 page 369. 3 May 1997

“Edgar Mitchell (who to my surprise smokes heavily) gave an interesting summary of the Greer briefings on April 8, 9 and 10. Six witnesses spoke before 60 or 70 press people, and representatives from the White House, Congress, the military and the intelligence community.”

FS4 Page 391. 17 October 1997

Las Vegas, NIDS SAB meeting.

“This is the tenth Science Board meeting at NIDS. We assembled early in Bob Bigelow’s office  as a small task force composed of John Petersen, Kit, Hal, John Alexander, Edgar Mitchell and me.”

FS4 page 426 10 October 1998

“NIDS SAB meeting in Las Vegas.

“Kit wasn’t here, neither was Ed Mitchell.”

FS4 Page 440. 8 January 1999

Las Vegas NIDS SAB meeting.

“Day after scenario.

“Edgar Mitchell pitched in: “At the time we went to the moon, the consensus was that we were alone in the universe. Look how much things have changed!”