March 7, 2021

Is UFO Disclosure an Event or a Process?

Is Disclosure an Event or a Process?

Since first joining #ufotwitter in the summer of 2020, I have noticed two distinct things happening. The first is a moment-by-moment discourse among an engaged community conducting a lively exchange of thoughts, rumors, ideas and opinions about a phenomenon that has seemingly existed for millennia. And the second is a question. Is UFO disclosure an event, or a process?

Of course, the first of those is the reason I joined the discussion, (to a thus-far mostly satisfying conclusion) but the second is the one that I find myself constantly thinking about. In the end, I have decided to share those thoughts, and the unexpected conclusion I hadn’t planned to make.

The Beginning of Disclosure (for me)

Having followed the phenomenon on and off since 1977, I don’t think I even heard the term ‘disclosure’ attached to the UFO/UAP mystery until 2001, when Dr Steven Greer took The Disclosure Project to the National Press Club. Joined by an impressive array of military, law enforcement, government and civilian witnesses, the unprecedented event was aimed at forcing the US government, ideally congress, to peel back the layers of secrecy that Greer and his team believed (along with hundreds of researchers before him) were keeping the issue tied up in deeply hidden, possibly illegal, black budget programs since at least 1947, and probably even earlier.

Unfortunately, a tragic day only a few months later stole whatever momentum this event may have generated, shifting the public’s focus to a war that would engulf our military and the world for nearly the next two decades, and counting. If there was indeed a chance in 2001 for true UFO disclosure to take place, whatever disclosure is, that chance went up in smoke on that fateful day, along with thousands of civilian lives.

Fortunately the quest for disclosure spurned by the Press Club event has remained, and in the time since it has gained significant momentum. Then December 2017 happened, and everything changed again.

Following that groundbreaking NY Times article by Leslie Keane and Ralph Blumenthal, and the formation of TTSA to try to move disclosure forward as a private-public collaboration, a wave of significant events have unfolded since. Hard to explain videos, statements by the DoD and policy changes by the Navy were all capped by Lt Tim McMillan’s recent report revealing the US Navy’s ongoing experiences with unknown, seemingly highly advanced trans-medium vehicles stalking our oceans, all starting to make it seem like actual disclosure, or a key part of it anyway, may finally be at hand.

So, I once again ask the question that haunts UFO twitter like Patrcik Swayze haunts Tony Goldwyn: 

Is disclosure an event or a process?

Here is a look at both answers, and then my conclusion.

A Process:

If the US government’s truth embargo on the phenomenon started as early as 1952, when Project Blue Book became a propaganda and misinformation vehicle designed to steer the public’s attention away from any otherworldly possibilities to the string of sightings captivating the country, then the slow, steady revelations that have crept out over the decades since definitely seems to indicate that disclosure is a process. It has been a process for a long, long time already, and as any entry level statistician will tell you, the best indicator of future results are past results. Drip, drip, drip, as UFO Twitter might say. A process it is. Live with it.

Still, this begs the question. If there is crashed wreckage, bodies, or any other retrieved technology, and those who have possession of that technology reveal it is indeed in our possession, wouldn’t that revelation itself be an event? Wouldn’t it be THE EVENT? 

As my favorite NBA writer might say, yes and no. 

Sure, coming out with a ship and/or bodies that are undeniably not us would be an event, no doubt, but it would still leave a lot of questions that may take years to unravel, possibly decades. 

Are we in contact with these beings? Do we know where (or when) they come from? What other top-secret data that is currently not being shared with the public remains hidden even after such a huge admission? Will we ever know all of the truth, or just some of it? Is Bob Lazar a liar or a whistleblower? Is Colonel Corso for real, or did he just guess right? TR3B ours, or TR3B not ours? Whose breath mint was fucking with David Fravor?

Questions need answers, and there are a million questions, many exceedingly legitimate.

Of course, just like the amazing revelations from 2017 to present have shown, even the acknowledgement that UAP’s are real, have been dogging our military and nuclear assets for decades, are displaying performance characteristics beyond any known human technology and are still classified by the Navy as unidentified, have amounted to a step along the way and not one single event. 

Don’t get me wrong, if this had been stated in the 1980’s it would have been considered the event of events, an acknowledgement that ET himself is here for your Reeses Pieces, not to mention tacit confirmation that every story about crop circles, abductions, and cattle mutilations was undeniably true. In 2019? Eh, not so much.

How about the formation of a new, (allegedly) more open task force designed to look into the implications and threat potential of these UAPs? Event, right? How about a confirmation that top congressional leaders have been briefed on “off-world” vehicles not made by human hands? Still not an event? Nope, I say, just another step in the process, regardless of how significant a step.

Even the recent, staggering revelation that the DoD has detected “non-cavitating, trans-medium” objects of unknown origin are zipping through the oceans at hundreds of knots, along with witness reports of these same objects shooting off into space at hypersonic speeds, ultimately made little more than a dent in the mainstream media. Maybe less.

Therefore, one must conclude that if Leslie Keane was right, and all of these revelations have resulted in a shift away from asking if UFOs are real to a long-delayed admission of reality along with a question of origin, then whatever revelations may be around the corner will simply continue to fill out the broader picture piece by piece, likely over years if not longer, until the key parts of the truth are known. Whether we like it or not, whatever revelations remain in store, and there are sure to be many, disclosure may just be a process. Drip, drip, drip.

An Event:

Imagine if you will, the president of the United States calls a press conference, and even before he steps to the podium the rumors start to churn. He’s going to talk about UFOs. Disclosure is happening, and it is happening TODAY! 

Later that evening, as billions of people world-wide sit by their screens waiting for the big announcement, it finally happens. Our intrepid leader looks the people in the (camera) eye and admits that not only was Roswell a crash of an alien ship, but similar events dating back to 1941 have happened as well, resulting in a treasure trove of material in our possession. He shares pictures, video and other data on the crashed ships and their occupants, and announces that starting immediately all of this material, along with the crafts and bodies themselves, will be shared with research institutions around the world in an effort to determine all we can about these beings.



Disclosure is an event!

I mean, sure, decades of irrefutable sightings, confiscated videos, classified pictures, and other compartmentalized data may take years to be released by the stove-piped intelligence agencies who may not be as excited as the public by the president’s move as we all would be, but the big enchilada would finally be served. We have craft. We have bodies. Alien beings, wherever they come from, are real, are visiting us regularly, and have tech well beyond anything we could manufacture. That’s it. Done and done. Disclosure is an event, and everything to come after that is for academics and researchers to sort out.

Admittedly, this scenario assumes at least two things. One, we actually have such data and material (an increasing likelihood), and two, a sitting US President would have enough knowledge and access to this data and material to disclose it all. Those are two huge assumptions.

In fact, there are probably dozens if not hundreds of other equally monumental assumptions needed for such an event to take place. Openly coping to decades of fraud, wasted trillions on outdated technologies when we had the answers all along, not to mention lies upon lies to hide material in a possibly criminal fashion, may make such a press conference a practical impossibility, even if the president had the access and will to do it.

But man oh man, if he or she did, there is no doubt it would be an event, and a huge one at that. 

Forget the drip, drip drip, many would say, the truth is out and the rest is for others to argue about. We were right, skeptics were wrong. Game over. Back to my regularly scheduled programming. Eat it Mick.



In 1940’s, the idea of little green men visiting from another planet was absurd enough to the average earthling that even entertaining the idea could steer one toward the proverbial ‘nut-house.” Such notions were for the ‘tin-foil hat’ crowd, and not under serious consideration by any reasonable scientist. Space is too big, they said. There may not even be any planets out there, probably aren’t, much less earth-like ones. Basic physics makes it virtually impossible to get from there to here, even if life exists elsewhere. Or maybe we are simply special, and God made this big ol’ universe just for us. 

(Why such a deity would make it just for us, but create physics keeping us from exploring it, you ask? Okay, I’m stumped. Pretty lights in the sky to read the Bible by?)

Seven-plus decades later, previously unknown numbers in the Drake equation are growing at a rapid rate, a new breed of scientists have found theoretical ways to travel interstellar distances at faster than light speeds without breaking the laws of physics, and dedicated researchers in the life sciences discover more and more extreme forms of life inhabiting every nook and cranny of out little drop of dirty interstellar rainwater. As such, most of those attitudes have changed, especially for scientists, and it is a change long overdue, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Still, this “ET hypothesis” as it has become known, that the root of the phenomenon is probably just one or two advanced, space-faring beings and nothing else might not be the whole answer. And an increasing body of evidence suggests it likely isn’t.

True, new understandings about physics and the cosmos are making it more likely that interplanetary visitors are here, but there is also a separate, compelling, emerging set of research indicating that the phenomenon is multiple things and not one, even if one or two of those are regular old ET’s.

These theories range from inter-dimensional beings, time-travelers, Ultra-terrestrials, Crypto-terrestrials super-advanced AI’s, (google any you don’t understand, I’m too lazy to explain here) to millennia-old explanations like ghosts, fairies and other supernatural beings. SOme even suggest life is all just a computer simulation. All have their proponents, intriguing evidence and potential merits, and all point to a growing feeling that the phenomenon may be multiple things and not just one.

If that is truly the case, then even something as downright hard to imagine as the presidential press conference envisioned above would still amount to a step along the way, a giant leap even, and not the end-all be-all event that shifts my focus away from the phenomenon and back to HBO Max.

Don’t get me wrong, I have literally hoped and dreamed for the press conference I described for nearly my whole life, and would probably have to spend a week in the hospital recovering if it actually happened. But if the emerging data, witness testimony, and public opinions of more informed people like TTSA’s Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo are to believed, and we are in fact dealing with “multiple phenomena from multiple origins”, then even that history-shattering press conference would amount to another step along the way and not an end to a journey.

Bottom line, to my thinking at least, although we wait with baited breath for things like the release of the video described by Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper allegedly showing a landing of a ship and two creatures emerging, the classified photos in the UK and the US that we know exist but for some reason aren’t allowed to see, the revelation of off-world vehicles (and maybe bodies) in our possession, the confiscated signal intel from the Nimitz and Princeton encounters, or even the phenomenon itself to make the reveal all on its own, it seems like the ET hypothesis, for all of its growing statistical likelihood, (not to mention that it is almost surely one of the aspects of the phenomenon, or maybe, or maybe not) it still won’t end up being the whole story. Maybe far from it.

Events are great, and I dream of so many that I can’t list them all, (how about an interview with Admiral Thomas Wilson confirming every detail of the Eric Davis meeting? Whoa! Maybe the real Alien Autopsy video, if there is one) but if we are truly dealing with a wide range of causes and not just one little gray man who likes to hang out in the ocean when he isn’t drawing in corn fields or kidnapping fellow writers, then I feel disclosure will take many forms over many years, likely even millennia, just like it always has.

Call the plumber, honey, sounds like we’re in for some more drip, drip, drip.

Christopher Plain is a Fantasy and Science Fiction novelist, and also writes about emerging technologies on the side. If you want to read more of his thoughts about UFOs, check out his four-part piece from this summer titled “The Arc of Disclosure”, or his more recent piece “One Possible Reason for the Increasing Pace of Disclosure?” You can also learn more about Chris and his writing at