April 12, 2021

Case Report: The Lights of Tenbury Wells

Case Report: The Lights of Tenbury Wells

Case ID: GLP031
Date: 13/09/2020, 14/09/2020, 15/09/2020, (each night, time of sighting: 20.00-22.00, GMT).

16/09/2020, 17/09/2020, (each night, time of sighting: 20.00-22.30, GMT).

Location: St. Michaels, Tenbury Wells, U.K. mid/high atmosphere, rural Shropshire.

Media article source: https://www.ludlowadvertiser.co.uk/news/18719005.strange-circle-light-seen-tenbury/


Credible witness, Kathleen Barney, reported a series of 12 circular lights that appeared to be part of a whole object. The object(s) was silent, stayed steady and fixed (relatively) to position for the two hours it was visible on each of the three nights.
The twelve circular patterned lights occurred at the same time (20.00- 22.00) over three nights (13/14/15th of September, 2020), with the 15/09/20 object being ‘more overhead’ than previous nights. Witness was able to watch the lights from a western position with binoculars.

There was a circle of lights in the shape of a clock with four brighter lights in a similar position to which the three, six, nine and 12 would be on the face of a clock,

“I could not be clear if the object was moving or if it was the affect of the turning of the earth that made it appear to move….

…It was fairly high in the sky about halfway between the horizon and overhead. The lights were as bright as reasonably bright stars. What was intriguing was that it was a perfect circle.”

-Kathleen, Barry.

Update, 16/09/20:

On the 16th night of September, the lights returned for a fourth successive night. This time however, the witness, again watching to a western position through binoculars, reported 2 ‘Oblong-ish’ larger lights with 2 smaller oblong lights at the 5 o’clock position of each of the two bigger objects. Later in the night 11.00pm, the witness stated they were still present in the same position, however the drawing she presented suggested there were now a total of 5 oblong objects/lights and not 4.

Update, 17/09/2020:

On the night of the 17th of September, the witness again reported lights in the sky for a fifth successive night. This time the circle of twelve lights appeared with a smaller second set of circled lights at the ‘10 o’clock’ position. Sightings lasted 20.00 until 22.30.

Researcher and UFOtwitter team member Paul Jones made the journey to Tenbury Wells, arriving at just past 11pm. He  was unable to verify the lights, however did report a C.130 Hercules flying low and in a northern direction.

Additional case:

Another case involving a flying disc occurred a few days later to the North of Tenbury Wells.


News clipping from the case.

The lights on the fourth night presented as oblong shaped as opposed to circle shaped of the first 3 nights.

Western Skies where the object over Tenbury has been spotted.

The location of the witness looks West towards the rural fields, to which the object(s) have been appearing in the early evening.

12 lights in a perfect circle similar to this example from 2018 in Minnesota.

High altitude balloons were suggested as a possible explanation.

Surveillance balloons often reach extremely high into the atmosphere and could give the impression of being static.

Researcher Paul Jones managed to arrive on site but sadly was unable to find visual confirmation.


The description and circumstances behind the reports indicate that these objects(s), most probably weren’t balloons or birds (standard balloons don’t fix to position for 2 – 3 hours and birds don’t light up). Again, the theory that these ‘UAP’ objects might be stars is ‘ruled out’ by the ‘perfect circle’ description, however might be ‘ruled in’ by the motionless position of the objects.
The possibility of a satellite is ruled out due to the fact that satellites take up a very high orbit and travel quickly across the observable night sky.

The possibility of drones might be a realistic consideration, given that potentially the witness may have been far away enough to not hear the rotor blades. Some companies now have the ability and technology to sequence multiple drones to fly in formation, creating patterns in the sky, possibly such as those reported over Tenbury. However the reported UAP flight time of 2 hours runs over the best flight time for current civilian drones. The possibility of spotlights bouncing off clouds can not been ruled out without further investigation (however this is speculation at the moment).

Update 16/09/20:

The encounter from the night of the 16th (fourth successive night), suggested the objects/lights had changed shaped from 12 lights in a perfect circle on a clock face, to 4/5 oblong shaped objects. The oblong lights on the night of the 16th remained in position from 08.00pm till 11.00pm (onwards).

Update, 17/09/2020:

The fifth successive night of sightings. The lights changed again to two sets of ‘12 lights within a circle’, again different from the previous nights. Unfortunately, no video or photographs were able to be taken. The objects weren’t visible even after the research team arrived on site at 11pm.

Finally, the case is severely hindered by the lack of video evidence or photos (too dark to capture), and the one singular witness on record. Additional witnesses have alledgedly seen the objects from a reported ten miles away on the first few nights (13/14th Sept), neighbour has also confirmed the sighting. The lights weren’t visible when our UFOtwitter research team was sent to investigate on the fifth night.


Night One, Sunday 13th, Sept. Twelve lights at high altitude, fixed to position in a perfect circle. Sightings lasted from 20.00-22.00.

Night Two, Monday 14th, Sept. Twelve lights at high altitude, fixed to position in a perfect circle. Sightings lasted from 20.00-22.00.

Night Three, Tuesday 15th, Sept. Twelve lights at high altitude, fixed to position in a perfect circle. Sightings lasted from 20.00-22.00.

Night Four, Wednesday 16th, Sept. Five oblong shaped lights, sequenced in a pattern, fixed to position. Sightings last from 20.00-23.00.

Night Five, Thursday 17th, Sept. Two sets of ‘12 lights in a perfect circle’, fixed to position, one set larger than the other. Sightings last 20.00-22.30.


The lack of additional data ensures it is difficult to prove or disprove what the UAP object(s) might be. The change in shape across the 4 nights brings further questions.
The conclusion is that more data is required to make an appropriate conclusion.

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