May 8, 2021

Face to Face with an Alien – The Berkley Alien Psi Experiment

In 1981 an alleged secret experiment took place at U.C. Berkeley in Northern California in which school children of different ages were screened for various talents and subjected to a test almost beyond belief.

In 2018, 46 year old Michael Martinez of California, was researching UFO incidents on the official MUFON web site when he stumbled upon a post that described the 1981 event and was asking if anyone else had any more information regarding the things that took place.

Link to the original article:

Michael couldn’t believe what he was reading. The article described an event that took place when he was only 7 years old, something he thought that he would never discuss again in his life, but had left him with endless questions.

Now, for the first time ever, as part of a new series, Beyond Humanity, Michael is coming forward to tell his remarkable story, to share everything that happened to him and the other children on that day over 39 years ago and discuss how it has changed his life forever.

Beyond Humanity is a new YouTube and Podcast series in which we explore the profound effects of contact experiences on the people who witness them.