March 7, 2021

A Plea for UFO Transparency

Computer image of a UFO

On August 25th, 1984 the New York Times published that Peter Brandenberg ran into a public town hearing declaring “The UFO’s here”! I would find out it was one of many sightings in the Hudson Valley area.

There was what’s called a “flap” from around 1983 to 1988 or 89. These encounters are significant because, in a way, it encompasses everything we know and have learned about the topic. From analyses of various shapes, sizes and colors, to a man in charge proclaiming it’s a hoax without providing information that answered the most mysterious of questions. For instance, a Sheriff proclaimed that the Hudson Valley revelations were nothing more than a group of airmen flying in unison. He claimed to have followed the lights to a hangar where they all landed. He said they had a chuckle about it and that was it. Likewise, he wouldn’t reveal anything about those airmen. Together, the airmen only flew on Thursday nights. Less than 1⁄3 of the accounted for encounters then were on Thursday. People described seeing the strange lights as well as the planes. They could even identify them as being different. This was not a hoax. 

A Wave of Sightings Hits the Hudson Valley - Close Encounters | Science
Artist’s impression of the Hudson Valley UFO

So as I began my normal routine of trying to compartmentalize all the specific details in the separate events in those years, I couldn’t latch on to anything that stood out to me. I learned about 200 stone chambers in the woods of Hudson Valley and even a balancing rock some claim is responsible for the sightings. I must admit this is all very interesting in diverse ways but I saw a bigger picture here. The story of the Hudson Valley flap is now almost a token of American Culture and the hope, belief, seen and unseen, in the aspect of there being more to this story. Whatever that means, and in whatever way that is. I believe that underneath everything we all, typically, acknowledged or not, have a desire to experience that this may not be our only chance at greatness. We’ve all blown opportunities, and slammed some home too, but history leaves us with regrets and wish I would have types of situations. Something about this phenomenon, at least for me, is a whisper from a universe that wants us to know, that our world and consciousness is about more than our experiences in this human shell of ours. 

With this in mind, I turn to think of all times not only just government but heads in all different capacities seem to discredit and distract from what it is we all search for. So many individuals around the world, told that “something more” isn’t possible and isn’t true. So many lives left feeling empty when they should’ve felt excited like they won the lottery because, let’s be honest, how many humans have that opportunity to see something like a UAP. Creating that sort of destructive spirit out of something that may have been good energy for 70 plus years is not only depressing but as I’ve been informed before. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. There may be no way for our elected or non-elected leaders to be redeemed for this ultimate casualty of so many connections to consciousness. But the least they can do at this point is disclosing what they know. Yes, I understand they have admitted interest for the last 70 years but I find it hard to believe they don’t have ANY idea of what this phenomenon is. So please disclose. Not just so we can freak out or create more conspiracy theories, of course. It’s allowing thousands the freedom to relax and decompress and really start to reflect on the possibilities of what it is they looked at and why. It gives a validation that they should contemplate something more and what they saw may be a sign that there is. Most of all, we all may even be in on it!

So consider this a letter to all our nation’s leaders. Embrace your communities, trust your people, love your families, and most of all, let them all breath again. Disclosing the UAP phenomenon will allow us to be one, together, in one breath, a breath of relief, through an infinite connection to each other. Whether it’s in fear for our earth life or it’s in happiness for an unending stream of enlightened consciousness. Disclose for humanity. So we may live.