April 12, 2021

1978: The Year of the UFO

Sir Eric Gairy

In the mid 70’s the Prime Minister of Grenada Sir Eric Gairy was pressing hard on the United Nations. He wanted them to take seriously the topic of UFO’s and in his words “related phenomenon”. He said that after many sightings in Grenada and numerous people asking him about it, he decided to take up the issue. He said the problem was that smaller countries don’t have the capabilities to grab the data needed to figure things out on their own. Makes sense. Sir Gairy took up the UFO issue for three years with the UN and it finally was going to be taken up for a vote and was to pass in 1979. 

His presentation to them in 1978 was probably the most impressive. Mr. Hynek, Vallee, and even Lt. Col. Larry Coyne were present and told the story of his encounter with a UFO in what seemed like a near disaster. We hear it all the time. Mysterious object, maneuvering in unheard of ways, and almost taunting the pilot involved. 78’ was interesting because his proposal was different from the two prior years. This time it leaned heavily on attempts to contact extraterrestrials, protocol for that, and what it could mean for mankind. Vallee’s prepared statement for the UN session touched on his fear of this. He presented cases where the experiencer left with damage to their body. He didn’t seem very optimistic about the contact part of all of it. Regardless, the whole presentation seemed to work and it looked like in 1979 the United Nations would be taking on the phenomenon.

During these three years there was a British educated lawyer named Maurice Bishop. From Grenada, who had his own plans for a coup with his movement The New Jewel Party. They leaned heavily on Marxist views. He considered Sir Gairy, (appointed by Britain upon Grenada’s independence in 1974)  an oppressive 20 year dictator. Maurice and his movement staged a coup and seized control of Grenada in around 6 hours. There were rumors of help from Cuba but in the end it was not verified. To the surprise of many Britain did not disapprove and in fact encouraged positive relations with Maurice and his new govt. The United States was as well and documents from the NSA and FBI seem to prove that. NSA was keeping close tabs on the situation and even working on deals with Maurice to officially recognize their government. They were very aggressive with making sure Grenada had free and fair elections soon. 

In the years after the coup the US govt constantly surveilled Sir Gairy. NSA documents show Maurice asked the US to keep an eye on Sir Gairy and it’d be a favor. Maurice was afraid Sir Gairy was trying to regain power and return the favor of a coup to Maurice. Investigations were done far and wide including claims of ex cubans living in the states of helping Sir Gairy do this. Govt documents seem to show their confirmation of that two different times.. One time folks in Miami and after that didn’t pan out, again in New Jersey. That also did not hold water. Ultimately, the US decided Gairy didn’t have the resources or support to carry out a coup. In this correspondence it also was clear that the 700 American students at the medical college and their property remained safe while Maurice was in power.

The big question to me is why was Sir Gairy that interested in UFO’s and why was the timing of the climax paired with his ultimate demise. There is really only one story I found and it comes from Wesley Bateman who recounts Sir Gairy’s story told to him. Published in UFO Digest. The story starts at one of Dr. Gairy’s restaurants where he took grievances from his citizens for monetary compensation. On one of these nights a fisherman claimed a ship washed ashore with an odd and large being next to it. The following is from the Digest. 

They followed the fisherman  north and arrived at the coast just

before dawn. There they met with two other fisherman that were

standing guard over a tarp covered object. The tarp was removed to

reveal a giant human body that was between 7 1/2 to 8 feet in length.

One of the fisherman directed Dr. Gairy to the fact that the body had

six fingers on each hand. The body appeared to be of a white skinned

man that had long white braided hair.  Sir Eric said the body

appeared to be of a young man, who if compared to a man of normal

size would  have been in his early thirties.

By now Sir Eric had concluded that he and his group were looking at

an extraterrestrial. He ordered the photographer to take pictures of

the body with flash bulbs, but had the foresight to tell the

photographer to save some film and wait for better day light.

The alien was dressed in a skin tight 1 piece dark blue suit the

footwear was attached. This appearance first fooled the fisherman

that found him to think that the body was that of a scuba diver that

met with some misfortune. After a closer examination they quickly

realized that this was not a scuba diver from this world.

Dr. Gairy said that one could stretch the alien’s suit to about two

feet from the body. The weave did not separate. After releasing the

material it would slowly return to its original position on the body

and during the course of it doing so, emitted a low audible “humming”


As the sun rose it became evident to Sir Eric and his excited group

that the beach was covered by metal wreckage of various sizes. There

were also pieces of metal and “containers” rolling about in the surf.

These items were photographed.

When all the wreckage they could find on the beach and in the surf

was gathered it filled about 1/2 the bed of one of the two pick up

trucks that they brought with them. With considerable physical effort

They placed the covered alien body on the bed of the second truck.

Among an estimated number of 8 metal containers, they found that they

were able to force open two of them. The largest of the two contained

specimens of fish and plant life, as well as packets of sand  and

coral from the sea bed.

Sir Gairy says the life form was in the medical college. When Maurice Bishop was overthrown and the US invaded in 1984 it was on the pretext of American students at that college being in dire straits. It was later reported the students had no idea what even happened and were just fine. Rumor was that the US invasion came for the body at the school. 

With the way the US treated Gairy one could imagine this could be true.  He asked the UN only a year before to name 1978 the year of the UFO. Dr Hynek gave a memorable speech. Now Dr. Sir Gairy was surveilled constanyly while living in New York then San Diego. The legal reason for surveillance was not based on solid evidence. It was a claim from Maurice Bishop the new Grenada PM, that Dr. Gairy was trying to regain power. Eventually Dr. Gairy returned to Grenada around 1987 where he died of a heart attack shortly after. 

There are a couple things I took away from researching this story. One, it’s that via government documentation the world has been attempting to accept the UFO phenomenon for so long. At the UN speech Hynek says 133 countries have seen the phenomenon which was just about all that made up the UN. To be so close as the UN was in 1978 and then for it to disappear is just outright suspicious. We know how guarded the US is with their data on UFO’s. It makes sense that they would do what’s needed not to share their information with 133 other countries. 

It also served as a reminder of how the disclosure race is not complete until you cross the finish line. There will be obstacles bigger than we can imagine on the way as we saw with Eric Gairy. This year  with a report to the US congress due within months. Let’s make sure we aren’t Eric Gairy. Let’s cross the finish line this time.

I’ve included attachments of my resources and a couple pictures with one that’s alleged to be the phenomenon itself. At the UN meeting a slideshow and movie was shown with actual sightings. Supposedly the picture is from that presentation. I can’t confirm that at all unfortunately.   Debatable of course but unique nonetheless.